Find out how Data Automation, “can reduce the complexity and costs associated with building and updating Data Vaults, and dramatically shorten the learning curve for teams new to the Data Vault 2.0 methodology.” – Dan Linstedt, Data Vault creator.

Join us for a 37-minute webcast presented by Data Vault modeling experts Michael Olschimke, from Dan Linstedt’s German Data Vault company, Scalefree, and WhereScape’s own Fred Naessens and Mark van der Heijden.

This video explains the importance of Data Automation for Data Vault 2.0, and how it allows you to:

  • Cut the complexity: Shorten the Data Vault 2.0 learning curve with built-in automation, wizards, patterns, models and templates.
  • Automate for speed: Deliver data vault-based analytics solutions to the business in hours and days, rather than months and years.
  • Reduce project risk: Shrink schedules and increase data vault project success with data vault automation software.