You need to ensure the delivery of data (regardless of its location and presentation) to the people who need it. In organizations where data drives important strategic changes, the effective design, build, and documentation of complex data ecosystems is more critical today than ever before.

Teams that combine the gains provided by data automation and cloud computing see tremendous leaps in agility and productivity. The benefits of such initiatives include:

  • Reduced cost and resources used for data projects
  • Less time spent by developers on custom data infrastructure and more time dedicated to data delivery
  • Standardized procedures and adoption of best-practice templates that democratize data warehouses

Speaker: Stan Geiger manages a skilled team of Product Managers responsible for Idera's multi-platform databases which includes WhereScape. Stan has worked in various industries from fraud detection to healthcare and is a highly experienced data practitioner having built many data warehouses and ETL platforms, BI analytics, and OLTP systems.

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