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Webinar: Group Health Delivers Key Insights Through Automating The Data Warehouse

Author: Rhonda Ogilvie, Group Health and Mark Budzinski, WhereScape - Hosted by Teradata

Watch this Teradata-sponsored webinar to hear Enterprise Warehouse Director Rhonda Ogilvie describe how Group Health used WhereScape RED to build and deploy a fully documented Enrollment and Membership subject area for its Teradata data warehouse.  The new warehouse is delivering more analytic and reporting capabilities and supports the healthcare provider’s reporting, governance and compliance efforts.  View the replay to learn how:

  • Group Health is no longer doing any manual processing of data—a huge win for the EDW and the organization
  • WhereScape RED is so embedded in the Teradata database, Group Health is able to build all of its native Teradata objects within RED, eliminating hand-coding
  • The whole data warehouse lifecycle resides in WhereScape RED so Group Health no longer has to rely on other tools to do modeling and deployment
  • Group Health can now analyze its membership by specific line of business and five-year history
  • WhereScape’s  automation capabilities work in concert with Group Health’s agile methodology
  • Group Health utilizes WhereScape RED as an ELT solution—Group Health’s legacy ETL tool is sidelined
  • WhereScape RED provides a fully documented solution (IT and business) at deployment. In its previous data warehouse environment, documentation was often only in the developers’ heads.