The data warehouse is intended to support analysis by making the right data available to the right people in a timely fashion. But conditions change all the time, and when data doesn’t keep up with the business, analysts quickly turn to workarounds. This leads to ungoverned and largely un-managed side projects, which trade short-term wins for long-term trouble. One way to keep everyone happy is by creating an integrated environment that pulls data from all sources, and is capable of automating both the model development and delivery of analyst-ready data.

Host: Eric Kavanagh

CEO, The Bloor Group

Analyst: Barry Devlin 

Founder & Principal, 9Sight Consulting

Guest: Michael Whitehead 

Founder, WhereScape

Smarter Analytics: Supporting the Enterprise with Automation

Watch the replay of this episode of The Briefing Room below to hear data warehousing pioneer and Analyst Barry Devlin as he explains the critical components of a successful data warehouse environment and how traditional approaches must be augmented to keep up with the times. He’ll be briefed by WhereScape Founder Michael Whitehead, who will showcase his company’s data warehousing automation solutions. He’ll discuss how a fast, well-managed and automated infrastructure is the key to empowering faster, smarter, repeatable decision making.

View the Replay: