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WhereScape Product Overview

Author: WhereScape

Saving time, money, and reducing risk, from the Pioneer in Data Warehousing Automation Software.

Data Warehouse Automation

WhereScape is the pioneer and a world leader in data warehouse automation software. From initial scoping, prototyping, loading and populating of data to ongoing management and optimisation, WhereScape software automates the data warehouse life cycle.

WhereScape software is used in every kind of business intelligence project, empowering business users to get the data they need, in the form they need it, when they need it, and by helping IT teams automate the building and deploying of data warehouses and related data driven projects.

To ensure data warehouses are of the highest quality, our solutions have industry best practices built into them, as well as comprehensive features for lineage and full governance. And we don’t restrict the data modelling techniques you can use. We support all three of the main industry standards-Dimensional (Kimball), Third Normal Form (Inmon) and Data Vault (Linstedt).

WhereScape 3D

With WhereScape 3D we can use data driven design to plan your data warehouse precisely.

We can quickly discover, profile, explore and document source systems and then use that information to build a logical model based on the data we see. Having access to the data up front leads to better designs, less surprises and lower risk.

WhereScape RED

WhereScape RED enables us to build data warehouses faster, either from logical models developed in WhereScape 3D or from scratch. It’s a complete, integrated development environment (IDE) that not only helps us deliver great data warehouses, it also makes them easier to support, change and extend.

WhereScape offers a higher level model that can be used by mere mortals to build, configure, manage, and operate a data warehouse.