WhereScape RED is an agile data warehouse development and management solution that automates much of the data warehouse life cycle—from initial scoping, prototyping, loading and populating to ongoing management and optimization. In addition, WhereScape RED automates the creation and management of documentation, diagrams and lineage information.


WhereScape RED for Pivotal Greenplum is optimized to fully leverage the Greenplum Database. WhereScape RED accelerates time to value for your Greenplum investment by requiring fewer resources to model, build and deploy your data warehouse. Eliminating hand coding and automating Greenplum development creates a simplified infrastructure and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership.

WhereScape RED “knows” all Greenplum objects—including views, distribution keys and append-only tables, and utilizes Greenplum’s rich feature set to build native Greenplum objects, document them and schedule data to be loaded. Utilizing the RED user interface, users can simply drag and drop to develop Greenplum objects—build tables, generate Greenplum SQL code to populate the tables, and create HTML documentation. RED’s open metadata architecture is stored in database tables for easy access and integrates with external testing and source control tools.



  • Optimized code generation automatically applies Greenplum best practices
  • Eliminates hand coding through intuitive, easy-to-use GUI
  • Integrated version and source control
  • Import data from any source using GPLOAD, ODBC or SSIS
  • Manage Greenplum tables directly, including distribution and partitioning
  • Quickly create and populate dimensions and facts
  • Handle late-arriving data seamlessly
  • Manage surrogate and foreign keys automatically