Though data warehousing is now seen as a de facto foundation of most businesses, organizations continue to struggle with maximizing success when it comes to warehousing data. In this research report, William McKnight lays out the need for better communication and cooperation between business decision makers and warehouse developers to prevent gaps in success.

You’ll learn…

  • How the data warehouse development team can build scalable warehouses and deliver timely data
  • What the data model method is and why it should be the foundation for warehousing development
  • The key principles of data driven design that developers need to know



Data warehousing has long been a staple of organizations of all sizes. Early systems ran the business, but as data became moderately important to access for company gain, the architecture limitations of the systems were soon exposed and copies of the data were made for reporting. As it turned out, copying that data was not enough, nor was data warehousing as simple as it sounded. Some best practices emerged, books were written and some science and homogenous approaches were adopted to accommodate the growing data volumes, user communities and data access requirements.

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