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White Paper: The Revolution Will Not Be Visualized

Author: Michael Whitehead | CEO, WhereScape

Business people use information to inform and, increasingly, to drive the decisions they make. They don't just want more data and more analytic functionality, they want accurate data, valid facts, and qualified analytic insights. They want to make better decisions faster. But how?

We’ve made a mess of analytics almost from the beginning.

For too long, BI practitioners exerted too much control over data and sources; recently, the pendulum has swung in the other direction. The trend du jour is to open up the data connectivity fire hose, give users unfiltered access to information, equip them with data visualization frontend tools, and let them have at it.

Problem solved. We can all go home now.

This completely misses the point. At the very least, it’s bad framing. The problem isn’t one of control—e.g., of IT groups that exert too much control, of self-service tools that put more control into the hands of users. The core issue is improving and accelerating decision making.

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