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White Paper: What’s your story?

Author: WhereScape

Turn User Stories into Working Data Warehouses with WhereScape RED

Agile Requirements

Feature-led or story-led development is a proven Agile method for efficient data warehouse delivery. With this method, developers rely less on an exhaustive specification of requirements, and more on close collaboration with actual users to get a flexible, intuitive understanding of how to create business value through the data warehouse project.

WhereScape RED is ideally suited for story-led development. Among the most valuable features are:

  • Automation: Coding of the routine components of the data warehouse is automated by WhereScape RED, so developers can spend more time working with users and refining the final product. If less time is spent on error-handling code, documentation, and the operational framework, then more time can be spent working with users to refine business logic and presentation.
  • Speed: DW development with WhereScape is so quick that the database design and transformation logic can be refined through rapid iterations and user input rather than detailed specifications. Tables can be redefined and reloaded in minutes so that a variety of approaches can be tried out quickly.
  • Quality: Agile methods emphasize quality and supportability throughout the development process. WhereScape RED helps deliver quality product by automating documentation, source data tracking, coding and naming standards, and many other important features as the data warehouse is developed.

The core of agile development is the user story. Rather than calling out each specific data element and report options for a data warehouse, the user story describes a user solving a real-world business problem with the perfect software ready at hand. The user story then serves as a guide as developers plan the project and develop the system. The project team breaks down the user stories to determine the development tasks that will guide the project.

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