WhereScape® RED is an integrated development environment (IDE) for designing, developing, deploying and operating data infrastructure – from data warehouses and data vaults, to data lakes and data marts. The software can be used to create and operate a “Target Data Warehouse” within a variety of supported data platforms, such as Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Snowflake, Teradata and more. The WhereScape RED Desktop reads from and writes to a metadata repository.

A WhereScape RED Repository is installed for each target data warehouse environment created, such as for development, test, and production environments.

WhereScape RED generates database specific objects, such as tables, indexes and cubes, as well as procedural code and scripts to move and process data.

All the objects are native database objects that can be viewed and modified by standard third party tools. Code can be changed, tables can be altered, and indexes can be added, changed or removed. They can also be scheduled through the integrated WhereScape RED scheduler and edited, versioned and backed up through the WhereScape RED Desktop. The integrated metadata also automatically generates data warehouse documentation, diagrams and lineage information.

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