A new wave of Data Warehouse development is enabling huge leaps in agility and productivity, as teams combine the gains provided by Data Automation tools, Data Vault modelling and Cloud computing.

We are delighted to be partnering with Data Vault Inventor and Founder, Dan Linstedt, and our partners at Scalefree, who for many years have provided consulting services built upon the tenets set out by Dan, as we walk through the advantages of implementing a Data Vault with a Data Automation tool such as WhereScape, and of running the resulting architecture in the Cloud.

During this 60-minute recorded session, you will see:

  • The advantages and agility provided by Data Vault modelling and the Cloud.
  • A live demo of how to implement a Data Vault 2.0 with WhereScape Data Automation.
  • How you can build a Data Vault 2.0 on-prem, then move it onto the Cloud later.

At WhereScape we have seen impressive results for those companies that combine these elements. For example, semi-conductor manufacturer Micron in the USA has built the largest known Data Vault in the world with WhereScape on Snowflake, processing 3.2 trillion records every 24 hours. That’s 2.2 billion records from 10 manufacturing facilities worldwide into a data vault every 60 minutes, with sub-second query response times.

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