WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation for Azure Synapse formerly SQL Data Warehouse

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Automate your way to a successful Azure Synapse (Cloud) Data Warehouse

Deliver Azure Synapse Projects Quick

WhereScape Automation for Azure Synapse speeds up your ability to start new and ongoing cloud data infrastructure projects. From data warehouses and data vaults to data lakes and data marts, WhereScape can help you deliver ahead of schedule.

  • Automated workflows based on native Azure Synapse functions, wizards and best practices.
  • Includes built-in best practices for common database methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0.
  • Supports continuous integration and delivery to easily incorporate changes as business demands evolve.
  • Automates the migration of your existing data and data infrastructure.

Increase Developer Productivity

By automating the repetitive and time-intensive development of data infrastructure and big data projects, WhereScape automation enables teams to get more projects done in record time.

  • Generates SQL code for Azure Synapse automatically.
  • Ensures coding consistency and minimizes implementation risk.
  • Creates technical and business-level documentation automatically, removing the burden from developers and providing auditability for future reference.

Turns IT requestors into IT advocates

WhereScape automation for Azure Synapse helps IT teams collaborate more effectively with business users early on in a project to deliver impactful solutions faster.

  • Supports iterative design and development to easily solve for differences between business needs and technical capability.
  • Enables rapid prototyping to quickly incorporate collaborative feedback.
  • Reduces project risk and improves time to value.

RED Architectural Diagram

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WhereScape RED Automated Data Integration Overview

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