Streaming Data Automation

Analyzing streaming data—think Internet of Things (IoT), sensor data, log files, retail purchases, social media content, or any other continuously generated data—can give your business unprecedented visibility into trends, trouble spots and opportunities as they emerge. Real-time data is also the fuel that drives better outcomes from applications such as fraud detection, cybersecurity, machine learning, supply chain optimization, and more.

The challenge for IT teams is how to incorporate these new data sources and streaming technologies into existing analytic environments to make them quickly and easily accessible to the business. When automation supports streaming data, it minimizes the learning curve for IT teams and reduces the complexity of managing a hybrid of streaming and traditional batch-based data. With streaming data automation, you can deliver real-time data at the speed of the business. 

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Automation of Streaming Data in a Hybrid Data Landscape

We are seeing increasing interest in stream-based processing from mainstream companies, but many companies are lacking the internal resources and skillsets to know how to pursue the integration of these new technologies effectively and efficiently. Streaming data automation can fill that gap for organizations, ensuring best practice integration, and enabling them to make the most of the opportunity real-time data provides within their existing data infrastructures.

– Matt Aslett, Research Director, 451 Research

Empower your business with real-time data

Easily ingest and process real-time data streams into your company’s data infrastructure alongside—or enriched with—traditional, batch-based data sources using streaming automation.

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Empower your business with real-time data

Being able to strengthen our organization’s capabilities to leverage real-time data will enable us to better serve our customers by providing streaming operational measures against historical performance data and key performance indicators, improving transit service in real-time. WhereScape automation with Streaming will help us to automate the management of real-time dataflows, reducing time to market, R&D investment, our customers’ total cost of ownership and better matching the speed of our business.

– Gadi Glogowski, Product Line Manager, Clever Devices


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