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WhereScape RED Tabular Models Video

Free Video
This How-To Video is free to all Registered Users

The Video

This video is a very simple walk-through of the support for SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Models delivered in WhereScape RED Using WhereScape RED's drag and drop functionality you can see how quickly you can create a tabular model from existing data warehouse objects; all within one interface.  

Users get an insight into the ease with which they can extend their data warehouse delivery mechanisms within their organisations.

Is it for Me?

This video is aimed at those familiar with WhereScape RED and is meant as an introduction to the new Tabular Model functionality for SSAS. Whilst this is not a training course, this video covers the key concepts and allows the viewer sufficient know-how to do this in their own environments. Knowledge of SSAS Tabular Model Development is not required. 

Video Participation

The video is designed to be independent study with no interaction with the product required.  The materials are based on the WhereScape RED Tutorial database so users can easily replicate the environment should they wish.