Free Course
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The Course

This is the Tutorial materials from WhereScape RED available through the University.  

A very simple yet powerful, self-guided insight into the creation of a data warehouse from exploring the sources to creating a scheduled data warehouse and publishing the supporting documentation.

Users get an invaluable insight into the ease with which they can build, control and enhance a data warehouse within their organisations.

Is it for Me?

This course is aimed at those new to WhereScape RED and is meant as an introduction to the product and how it could be used within their organisations.  Whilst this is not the full Developer course, this course covers the majority of the key concepts and allows the user to do this in their own environments.

Course Participation

The course is designed to be independent study relying on your installation of WhereScape RED in your environment.

If you prefer, we can have a consultant visit you and Run this Course In-House.

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