Powering Digital Innovation: WhereScape Partners with Digital Shadow

| January 18, 2024

WhereScape is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Digital Shadow Information Technology LLC, a digital transformation and data management services leader. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing data management and digital transformation services.

Digital Shadow: Innovating at the Forefront

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and with an office in Cairo, Egypt, Digital Shadow excels in aiding businesses to develop software products and turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Their expertise in data warehousing, ETL/ELT functions, and data representation and visualization is unparalleled. Committed to using advanced tools and technologies, Digital Shadow provides comprehensive data solutions that evolve with industry needs.

WhereScape: Leading the Way in Data Automation

As a global leader in data warehouse automation and big data software, WhereScape has established itself as an innovator in the field. Our headquarters in Houston, Texas, and our origins in Auckland, New Zealand, underscore our international reach. Our flagship products, including WhereScape RED, WhereScape 3D, and Data Vault Express, empower organizations to save significant time in development, enhance developer productivity, and deliver exceptional investment returns.

Synergy of Two Titans

This partnership is a confluence of expertise and technology. Ahmed Saftawy, CEO of Digital Shadow IT, has highlighted the critical role of choosing the right partners to deliver superior data solutions. WhereScape’s dedication to data infrastructure automation perfectly complements Digital Shadow’s vision.

“Selecting the right partners is paramount to our mission of providing top-notch data solutions to our clients. WhereScape’s commitment to data infrastructure automation aligns seamlessly with our vision for efficiency and effectiveness. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership unlocks for Digital Shadow and our clients. WhereScape’s robust capabilities in data warehousing and automation will undoubtedly enhance our data management practices, enabling us to deliver even more impactful insights to our clients.

Together, Digital Shadow and WhereScape aim to redefine data management, bringing exceptional efficiency and agility to the process of turning data into actionable intelligence facilitating customer’s needs and requirements.”

– Ahmed Saftawy, CEO of Digital Shadow

Why WhereScape?

Digital Shadow’s partnership with WhereScape is rooted in exceptional on-premises solutions, aligning perfectly with the preferences of MENA region customers who often favor data management solutions based on premises rather than cloud-based alternatives. WhereScape’s user-friendly GUI and advanced technical capabilities distinctly stood out, offering a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Moreover, WhereScape’s team, with their deep expertise and comprehensive understanding of data management, provides invaluable guidance throughout the entire data journey. This ensures effective communication and streamlined processes for our clients. WhereScape’s diverse applications and successful implementations across various industries demonstrate their ability to meet the unique needs and challenges of distinct sectors within the MENA region. 

This adaptability and proven track record in delivering tailored solutions make WhereScape an ideal partner, enabling Digital Shadow to create impactful success stories in the region.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future

This partnership goes beyond service collaboration, it’s an integration of expertise and technology. Max Hunsicker, General Manager of WhereScape Data Automation, emphasizes, “Embarking on this transformative journey with Digital Shadow, the fusion of their global expertise with WhereScape’s automated data modeling marks not just a collaboration but a revolution in data management. Together, we are poised to scale new heights, set industry benchmarks, and provide unmatched value to our customers.”

Interested in seeing WhereScape’s solutions in action? Book a demo with us to witness firsthand how our partnership can elevate your data management strategies.

For more information, visit Digital Shadow Information Technology LLC and WhereScape Data Automation.

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