Automate Data Vault Modeling

With WhereScape Data Vault Express

Data Vault Automation for Faster Business Insights

Data Vault is more than a data modeling technique, it is a complete methodology. This system of Business Intelligence contains the necessary components needed to accomplish enterprise vision in Data Warehousing and Information Delivery.

WhereScape Data Vault Express removes the complexity inherent in data vault development, allowing you to automate the entire data vault lifecycle to deliver data vault solutions to the business faster, at lower cost and with less risk.

Reduce complexity in data vault development

Shorten the Data Vault 2.0 learning curve with built-in automation, wizards, patterns, models and templates.

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Get business insights faster

Deliver data vault-based analytics solutions to the business in hours and days, rather than months and years.

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Reduce risk and timelines

When your team is under pressure to deliver solutions fast. Shrink schedules and increase data vault project success.

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Automation for data vault, dramatically shortens the learning curve for teams new to the data vault methodology. Data Vault Express:

  • Reduces the complexity of building and updating Data Vaults compliant with the standard.
  • Provides data vault automation with built-in Data Vault 2.0 patterns and best practices.
  • Simplifies and accelerates development with built-in wizards and templates.

Create and maintain data vaults in record time and iterate faster. WhereScape speeds up project delivery and maintainability by automatically generating:

  • Hubs, satellites, and links
  • Hash keys and change keys
  • Metadata attributes such as load date and record source
  • Platform-optimized native code to instantiate and populate the data vault
  • All documentation including source-to-target lineage and impact analysis

Data vault automation capabilities lower your risk of failure by getting you to production faster and with higher quality and data consistency. Data Vault Express:

  • Automates the design, development, deployment and operation of enterprise data vaults
  • Empowers team to deliver data vaults in one-third the time, at a much lower cost, and with lower risk than do-it-yourself approaches
  • Generates uniform and optimized native code to reduce the risk inherent in learning a new target platform
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WhereScape Data Vault Express Capabilities

Dan Linstedt, Creator of the Data Vault, explains how Data Vault Express™ can reduce the complexity and costs associated with building and updating data vaults, and dramatically shorten the learning curve for teams new to the Data Vault 2.0 methodology.

Dan Linstedt on WhereScape Data Vault Automation

Data Vault 2.0

Automate Data Vault Projects with WhereScape

Specifically designed for the Data Vault 2.0 system of business intelligence created by Dan Linstedt, WhereScape Data Vault Express includes the integrated combination of WhereScape 3D, a design tool customized for quickly designing and reality testing your data vault and analytics projects, and WhereScape RED, an integrated and customized development environment for rapidly developing, deploying and operating your data vault. Optional Streaming capabilities to automatically populate your data vault with real-time data and begin processing as it arrives, enrich with existing data or simply persist data for future use.

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