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Higher Education Data Warehouse

Our customers include organizations in the education sector both big and small across the world. Learn how these customers are using WhereScape data automation to reduce time to value, costs and risk.

Case Study

Bucknell University created a new data warehouse in the cloud using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). It chose WhereScape to automate and speed up development of the cloud data warehouse.

Case Study

Cornell University automated and standardized data warehouse development and improved data infrastructure performance.

Case Study
Weber State University developed a comprehensive Oracle data warehouse in just nine months utilizing WhereScape RED. Focusing on enhancing data consistency, quality, and access, the university successfully integrated technologies from Oracle and Tableau for insightful data management and reporting.

Data Warehouses for Education

Bucknell University Uses WhereScape Data Automation

WhereScape provides a single, unifying place for the whole data team to do their best work. Our platform enables company-wide data alignment, management visibility, and ops control.

Why WhereScape
Data Automation
For Education Organizations

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Integrated Data Platform

Scale multiple workloads across different lines of business and across the front, middle, and back offices with a single copy of data.

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Data Access and Collaboration

Access 1,000+ data sets to power business-critical workflows—from quantitative research and insurance underwriting to financial crime compliance and regulatory reporting.

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Security and Governance

Protect, store, and access all portfolio, reference, market, and risk data with fine-grained governance and access controls, infrastructure as code, and private network access for all three clouds.

Helping Organizations Serve Clients Around the Globe

“We have been very pleased with the automated data integration capabilities and intuitive nature that WhereScape RED provides. The metadata tables that WhereScape RED utilizes are truly open and easily accessible. The software is intuitive.”

Daniel Symore Head of BI, Investec

Jeff Christen
Data Warehousing Manager, Cornell University

Helping Organizations Serve Clients Around the Globe

WhereScape enables us to work a lot faster. With other tools, we lost the client during the implementation part. If you want a new car, you want it in two weeks, not two months. Before it took months; the customer is waiting, and you lose their confidence. Now we can keep confidence all the way. It’s a good combination – Agile, close to the customer, and the tool can keep going.”

Jonathan Dreze Project Manager, Ethias

Jonathan Dreze
Project Manager, Learning Care Group

Helping Organizations Serve Clients Around the Globe

“With WhereScape RED, we were able to build, validate and begin using the student module subject area within the new data warehouse twice as fast as it would have taken us using traditional ETL approaches.” 

Carsten Griefnow Senior BI Manager, Toyota Financial Services

Ken Flerlage
Business Intelligence Functional Architect, Bucknell University

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