Give business leaders the data they need—now

Turn IT requestors into IT advocates by providing data and analytics sooner, with less cost and risk through data infrastructure automation.

Experience fast.

Iterate fast and deliver faster. Metadata-backed automation helps teams agilely meet changing business needs in record time.

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Boost productivity.

Eliminate repetitive hand-coding and automate documentation and data lineage to increase data warehousing team productivity five-fold.

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Engage and deliver.

Collaborate early with the business on requests and use rapid prototyping to deliver on stakeholder needs sooner.

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Why WhereScape

WhereScape Project Types

Increase your success on any type of data infrastructure project with an automated and agile approach.

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Data Warehouse

Empower your organization to be data driven with a central source for extracting insights.

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Data Mart

Give users the specific subject areas they need and deliver them quickly with automation.

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Data Vault

Easily deliver 2.0 enabled data vaults for greater adaptability to change and growth.

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Harness the cloud for all or part of your data infrastructure to gain more and pay less.

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Big Data

Integrate big data with other enterprise data sources for comprehensive insights.

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Integrate streaming data within your data infrastructure to open up new analytics opportunity.

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I would recommend WhereScape to anyone. For the first time, the business has documentation on our data warehouse and I have a lean, agile IT team working at maximum efficiency to serve our ever-developing business requirements.

– Carl Richards, Business Intelligence Development Manager, Simplyhealth

WhereScape Industry Spotlight

While challenges and needs can be vastly different between industries, data is the universal answer. WhereScape automation speeds up the time to value in these and other industries.

industry icon enterprise


Give educators, administrators, and donor relations the data needed to achieve success.

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industry icon finance


Data is the lifeblood of financial services and IT keeps it flowing through the business.

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industry icon manufacture


From production to sales, the data holds the key to competitive success.

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