Documentation is an essential component of any sustainable
data architecture, yet for practical reasons, it is often neglected
by teams still working with manual processes. Let WhereScape
handle the documentation for you.

The Need for Automated

Data warehousing teams often adopt pseudo Agile strategies, incorporating
sprints and SCRUM meetings. However, despite working within Agile
timeframes, many developers still rely on outdated ETL technology and manual
coding processes reminiscent of the 90’s. This mismatch between Agile
deadlines and outdated tools places them at a significant disadvantage from
the outset. Documentation often takes a back seat in sprint planning, leading
developers to prioritize code delivery over thorough documentation.

The insistence on documentation poses several challenges to productivity.
Interrupting coding flow to document work leads to reduced code output while
postponing documentation results in forgetfulness and inefficiency, particularly
after productive periods.

See our automated documentation capabilities
in action in this video.

Data Automation for
Sustainable Architectures

Data Automation facilitates flexible architectures, easing transitions between databases and modeling styles. Comprehensive documentation, often neglected, becomes vital as projects evolve or team members change. Prioritizing thorough documentation ensures smooth knowledge transfer and code longevity.

Automated Documentation Benefits

WhereScape automates documentation, saving developers time and allowing them to prioritize Agile tasks without compromising quality. With a single click, WhereScape generates detailed documentation based on metadata, reflecting the data warehouse’s structure and capturing all actions, objects, and transformations.

  • Instant documentation of code, including columns, creators, and job inclusion.
  • Comprehensive lineage tracking, revealing data origins and destinations.
  • Detailed data type information and object interactions.
  • Accessible roadmap with hyperlinks to every project stage, facilitating code and structure review.

By automating what would otherwise be months of manual documentation,WhereScape enhances productivity without compromising code quality.

The turnaround of our bugs has been incredible. It takes two hours now where it
used to take us two weeks. The autonomy the developers have over deployments
means a quicker turnaround for performing re-tests.

James Gardiner, Data Warehouse Technical Lead at Admiral Group

Improve Developer Productivity

Such comprehensive documentation means bugs can be caught and fixed much faster. Rather than having to go through badly documented code by hand to find the fault, WhereScape highlights faulty code in red. As well as finding the problem quickly,this prevents you from working on good code that is mistakenly diagnosed as incorrect.

When discussing Data Automation, it is important to remember that human creativity is still paramount. It is augmented by automation tools that eradicate repetitive manual work, enabling developers’ brains to be less fatigued and so more creative. However, in many areas of data warehousing, creativity and flair are undesirable and even harmful. Documentation is exactly the kind of mundane, repetitive work suited to automation. All we need is a reliable account of what was done in a language that other developers can understand, nothing more, nothing less.