WhereScape® RED

Deliver data infrastructure more quickly with less hassle.

Automate to develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure and big data integration projects the fast, easy way.

Fast-track projects.

Automate up to 95% of the coding effort to deliver impactful projects to the business quickly.


Be ready for change.

Rapidly and easily make data infrastructure changes to support evolving business needs.


Cut project cost and risk.

Simplify and speed up development to slash needed effort and risk in data integration and infrastructure projects.


Key Features

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, deliver data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts quickly with the WhereScape RED integrated development environment.

WhereScape RED Automated Data Integration Overview

Automates development and operations workflows

Shorten data infrastructure development, deployment and operation using a drag-and-drop approach to define data infrastructure and automate data integration and metadata usage. Instantly generate all of the code needed to instantiate and populate your project and easily schedule and migrate changes.

Generates platform-native code

Eliminate 95% of the hand-coding typically required in data infrastructure development. WhereScape RED automatically generates SQL and other code native to your target platform, including to big data analytics. Leveraging platform-specific best practices and features—such as optimized database loaders—WhereScape automation boosts productivity and eliminates code inconsistency.

Uses built-in best practices

Choose the data infrastructure methodology best suited to your project. WhereScape RED provides built-in best practices and out-of-the-box wizards and templates for common data warehouse modeling methodologies such as third-normal form (3NF), Data Vault and dimensional to reduce complexity and accelerate development.

Introducing WhereScape® automation with Streaming

An optional add-on to WhereScape® RED, use Streaming to easily ingest and process real-time data streams within your existing data infrastructure to open up new analytics opportunity.

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