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Infrastructure Automation

Fast-track your data infrastructure architecture and design data models with automation

Data Modeling

Has Evolved, so should Your Technology

Wherescape RED automates to develop, deploy, document and operate data infrastructure and big data integration the fast, easy way.

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, deliver data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts quickly with the WhereScape RED integrated development environment and integration tools.

What You’re Getting

Automated Workflows

Fast-track development and delivery. Automate 95% of the coding effort to deliver data warehousing projects to the business in record time.

Simplify, speed up and standardize development with automation to reduce data integration and data infrastructure project risk and cost.

Automatically discover, explore, profile and document new data sources, or existing data warehouses. Quickly identify data value, gaps and risks.

Retrofit your existing data infrastructure.
Platform-Native Code

Eliminate 95% of the hand-coding typically required in data infrastructure development. WhereScape RED automatically generates SQL and other code native to your target platform, including big data analytics.

Leveraging platform-specific best practices and features—such as optimized database loaders—WhereScape automation boosts productivity and eliminates code inconsistency.

Retrofit your existing data infrastructure.
Automated Documentation

WhereScape RED automatically produces all documentation and updates it with any changes as you work. You get full data source lineage, including track back, track forward, and impact analysis so IT will always have an up-to-date, accurate and complete view of the data infrastructure.

Auto-generate and update documentation as you make changes to ensure completeness for governance, funding, and internal communications.

Look at the actual code in the documentation – get the data cleansed, prepared, and ready for consumption. Transparent and already done for you.

Metadata Driven

Leverage metadata-driven automation to easily make changes to your data infrastructure and respond quickly to business needs.

Automatically discover, explore, profile and document new data sources, or existing data warehouses. Quickly identify data value, gaps and risks.

Collaborate with users early in the project and automatically create designs using normalized, star schema, or data vault best practices.

Metadata Driven

WhereScape RED

How Union Bank unleashed the WhereScape RED advantage

Toyota’s BI team was looking for a new solution to standardise the data model, renew the technical infrastructure and implement a unified methodology for each country to deliver its data in a standard XML format and on a daily basis. The team would then only need to do the sourcing once and reapply for each country.

One company Toyota invited for a proof of concept was Infomotion. The consultancy’s recommended data ecosystem favours WhereScape Data Automation software to build and manage data warehouses in conjunction with Snowflake’s cloud data platform and data vault modelling. The Infomotion team created a table that fitted into the calculation table seamlessly.

Union Bank Uses Agility and Automation to Rapidly Deliver Business-Critical Data Marts

The Results

Union Bank uses agility and automation to rapidly deliver business-critical data marts


Consolidated 100% of Union Banks’s several dozen data silos across the globe. Union Bank’s consumer-lending data mart has been a great success, resulting in other business units requesting similar assistance.


8x in total cost savings and headaches, enabling multiple business units to derive business value. Time and money it would have taken using its previous development methods.

8 Weeks

Union Bank rapidly scoped, prototyped, and built a business facing data mart in less than 8 weeks, compared to as long as 8 months, the time it would have taken using its previous development methods.

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