Supported Platforms

WhereScape adapts to your data environment with seamless automation, whether you stay with your current platform or switch to a new one.

Your Data Platform,

Our Best-In-Class Automation


Start using Snowflake faster by simplifying and automating the design, build, and population of data warehouse tables. 

Azure Synapse

Accelerate time-to-insight in Azure Synapse Analytics with seamless development and deployment of data pipelines—at any scale.


Move from development to production faster and easier than ever before with automated deployment of data pipelines to Databricks clusters. 


Unlock the power of BigQuery Data Warehouses by automatically adding built-in best practices tailored to Google Cloud architecture.


Amazon Redshift can analyse data at near-limitless scale, but leveraging its processing power requires significant architecture considerations.

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Integrating WhereScape with your data platform cuts costs and time, and reduces risks.
WhereScape lets you switch platforms easily, speeding up delivery without extra learning time.