Data Warehouse Automation

A data warehouse is a way to provide business analysts and other users with a centralized repository of enterprise data from which to glean insights that guide business decisions.

What’s changed since data warehousing was first introduced in the 1970s is that traditional, waterfall development processes are no longer viable for planning, designing, developing and operating data warehouses. The traditional approach has proven to be too slow, too manual and too complex to deliver what the business needs, when it needs it. That's where data automation and data warehouse automation tools can help.


What is data warehouse automation?

Data warehouse automation helps IT teams deliver and manage much more than before, much faster, with less project risk and at a lower cost by eliminating repetitive design, development, deployment and operational tasks within the data warehouse lifecycle.

The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) defines data warehouse automation as:

“…using technology to gain efficiencies and improve effectiveness in data warehousing processes. Data warehouse automation is much more than simply automating the development process. It encompasses all of the core processes of data warehousing including design, development, testing, deployment, operations, impact analysis, and change management.”

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Fast-track your data warehouse projects with automation

Deliver new data warehouse projects in days or weeks instead of months and years. From design through operation, automation can help you reduce the data warehouse development lifecycle by 80 percent, increase developer productivity five-fold, better collaborate with business stakeholders and respond more quickly to change.

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