Big Data Integration

Big data isn’t just big. Volume is only one of the five characteristics of big data, joining variety, velocity, variability and veracity. Big data drives innovation, such as machine-learning algorithms for artificial intelligence-driven processes and sensor data analytics.

However, to get the maximum benefit from big data, it shouldn’t be siloed. Integrate some or all of your big data with your smaller enterprise data sets and sources for comprehensive, robust insights.         

Big data integration doesn’t require a big budget or months and years to accomplish. Use automation to speed up the design, development, deployment and operation of big data integration and infrastructure, and deliver new big data projects faster and with less cost and risk.          

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Automate big data integration and infrastructure projects

Eliminate hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive tasks to fast-track big data integration projects. Boost developer productivity and improve collaboration with the business.

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Industry experts discuss big data and automation

Listen to industry analysts and consultants provide their insights into the impact of big data on data infrastructure projects.

Krish Krishnan - Sixth Sense Consulting


Krish shares his perspective on the evolution of big data integration within the enterprise.

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John Myers - Enterprise Management Associates


John discusses the impact of big data on development.

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Ron Powell - Powell Interactive Media


Ron details the value of big data.

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