Big Data Integration

Streamline your data processes, from ingestion
to analysis, and unlock actionable insights faster
than ever before.

Want the option of switching
architectures down the road?

WhereScape is database-agnostic, which means you can
easily integrate it with your data platforms of choice.

Preparing for the Challenges of Big Data Integration

As your business grows, so does the volume of your data. Organizations working with Big Data must ensure their data architecture can scale to handle the manifold addition of new data.

With WhereScape data automation, you can trust your data warehouse projects to handle the addition of new source systems while preserving data quality and integrity.

Accelerates big data development by automatically generating 95% of code.

Supports agile and iterative development best practices.

Creates native code for
the target platform.

Builds data lakes and big
data platforms.

Automates the ingestion and transformation of source data into target platform.

Automatically generates complete documentation with data lineage.

Ensures ease of use and
up-to-date information via scheduler integration.

Provides open and integrated metadata across big data solutions.

Built for Leading Data Platforms

WhereScape seamlessly integrates with dozens of data sources and targets, including leading platforms like Snowflake, Databricks, Azure Synapse, and SQL Server.

In an ever-changing environment, WhereScape is the constant you can rely on. 

Automate Big Data Integration

Automation is key to ensuring the success of a project as complex as Big Data integration. Discover how you can simplify the entire process with WhereScape today.