Data Vault Automation

Create and maintain data vaults in record time and iterate faster.

Automatic generation of code required to instantiate & populate data vault.

Get Data Vault Certified with WhereScape

For every purchase of a WhereScape Data Vault Express License, customers will receive a FREE CDVP2 Certification!

“Data Vault Express can reduce the complexity and costs associated with building and updating data vaults, as well as the learning curve for teams new to the data vault methodology.”

– Daniel Linstedt, Inventor of the Data Vault

WhereScape DVE makes planning, modeling, designing and prototyping data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts easy, fast and effective.

How Can Data Vault Automation Help You?

Reduce complexity in

Data Vault Implementation

WhereScape DVE dramatically lowers your risk of failure by getting you to production faster, with higher quality. You get the consistency, agility, and performance you need to deliver successful analytics solutions to the business.

  • Automates the design, creation, and operation of enterprise data vaults
  • Enables your organization to deliver analytics solutions far more quickly, at a much lower cost, and with lower risk than do-it-yourself approaches
  • Generates uniform and optimized native code to significantly reduce the risk inherent in learning a new target platform
Reduce complexity in Data Vault development.
Shorten the learning curve.

Shorten the learning curve with

Data Vault 2.0

WhereScape DVE dramatically shortens the learning curve for teams new to the data vault methodology by:

  • Reducing the complexity of building and updating data vaults compliant with the standard
  • Providing built-in Data Vault 2.0 patterns and best practices
  • Simplifying and accelerating development with built-in wizards and templates
Shorten the learning curve.

Cut time to production by two-thirds with

Data Vault 

WhereScape DVE dramatically cuts your time to production for data vault-based analysis solutions.

In fact, WhereScape customers average two-thirds faster design and development compared to manual efforts using disparate tools. Helping your team iterate faster on model design,

WhereScape Data Vault Express automatically generates:

  • Hubs, satellites, and links
  • Hash keys and change keys
  • Metadata attributes, including load date and record source
  • Native code to instantiate and populate the data vault
Cut time to production by two-thirds.

Data Vault Automation

Eliminate hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive tasks to fast-track big data integration and data management projects. Boost developer productivity and improve collaboration with the business.

Data Vault Express Features Benefits
Automated creation of all hubs, satellites, and links from metadata models
  • Significantly reduces development time
  • Accelerates iteration on model design
  • Follows established Data Vault 2.0 pattems and best practices
  • Enables complete lineage from source-to-target, as well as impact analysis and full documentation
  • Streamlines knowledge transfer and improves maintainability
Automatic generation of hash keys and change keys
  • Significantly accelerates the development of hash and change keys
  • Improves the robustness of the code
  • Ensures that hash and change keys are consistent across entities to reduce the risk of discrepancies and potential data consistency issues downstream
Automatic management of all metadata attributes including: load date and record source
  • Reduces risk and streamlines ongoing maintenance
Automatic generation of all code required to instantiate and populate the data vault
  • Reduces the time and effort it takes to deliver new analytics solutions Delivers consistent, robust, and stable code to reduce project risk
  • Maximizes the performance of the underlying technology thanks to native, optimized code
  • Supports quick iterative cycles, while still maintaining control and governance.

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