Data Vault Automation

Designed to be resilient to business and technology changes, the Data Vault 2.0 data model, created by Daniel Linstedt, simplifies integrating data from multiple sources, makes it easy to evolve or add new data sources without disruption, and increases scalability and consistency of enterprise data infrastructure. The data vault modeling approach is a hybrid approach that combines the best aspects of third normal form (3NF) and star schema design.

While completed Data Vaults deliver many benefits, designing and developing them by hand requires significant time, effort and money. Data vault automation helps you get to production fast and with less risk. Your IT team can deliver new solutions and change existing ones as rapidly as the business needs them.


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Cut through the complexity and deliver 2.0 enabled data vaults faster

WhereScape Data Vault Express™ automates the entire data vault lifecycle, helping you to deliver analytics solutions to the business far more quickly, at a much lower cost, and with better success than outdated, do-it-yourself approaches.

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With WhereScape, we can build a solution from the ground up in an hour. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a million.

– Michael Magalsky , – Michael Magalsky, former Enterprise Data Architect at Micron Technology, now Principal Architect at infoVia

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Into The Data Vault Via Warehouse Automation

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Expert Barry Devlin shares how data vault automation helps IT deliver faster and tackle maintainability.

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Turning the Data Vault Methodology into a Practical Reality


Recommendations by industry expert Barry Devlin as to how organizations can successfully adopt Data Vault 2.0.

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Meeting the Six Data Vault Challenges

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Accelerating Data Vault 2.0 Development with Data Warehouse Automation


Data Vault inventor Dan Linstedt relays how to achieve rapid and agile Data Vault development.

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WhereScape® Data Vault Express™

Automate the data vault lifecycle to deliver analytics solutions faster.

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