Cloud Data Warehouse Automation

Cloud data warehousing brings all the benefits of the cloud to analytical data infrastructures: agility, cost effectiveness, scalability and performance. Need more cloud storage capacity, cloud computing resources, or both as your data warehouse expands? In the cloud, it’s fast and easy to add or decrease whatever resources your data infrastructure needs.   

While cloud-based data warehouse solutions eliminate most of the overhead costs and effort of physical infrastructure, IT teams still need to design, develop, deploy and operate the data infrastructure. With cloud data warehouse automation, your team can fast-track new infrastructure and migration projects and increase your development and operations capabilities. It’s the best way to maximize your organization’s return on its cloud investment.

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Fast-track cloud data infrastructure projects

WhereScape automation helps IT teams gain the benefits of cloud data warehousing sooner. Whether building a data warehouse to run on AWS or leveraging specialized cloud data warehousing platforms such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, or Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, WhereScape eliminates hand-coding and speeds up data warehouse development by 80 percent.

WhereScape can also help you manage a hybrid data warehousing environment, giving you a cohesive view of your data infrastructure and making it easy to move data between on-premises and cloud platforms.

Reap the benefits of Snowflake faster

With WhereScape® automation for Snowflake, you can start using Snowflake, a data warehouse platform built specifically for the cloud, faster. WhereScape helps Snowflake customers deliver data infrastructure projects by automating key workflows based on Snowflake native functions, wizards and best practices, as well as data warehouse modeling methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0.

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WhereScape customers are moving to the cloud

Aptus Health on using WhereScape automation for Snowflake:

Our health and life sciences clients rely on us to execute flawless marketing campaigns and deliver customer insights from across our many digital platforms. To that end, we’re leveraging WhereScape’s ability to ease our design and implementation effort as we develop our fully-integrated warehouse on Snowflake. WhereScape's tools will save us thousands of engineering hours, promote implementation accuracy, and accelerate our time to delivery.

– Peter Nilsson, Chief Technology Officer, Aptus Health

Xero on using WhereScape automation for Amazon Redshift:

Running on SQL Server was a no brainer. We've constantly seen the value of WhereScape. As we move to AWS, and move off the SQL Server platform for our staging environment to Amazon Redshift, the time to reconfigure our sources has been rapid—two to three weeks. The consistency of WhereScape is really ringing true as we move to AWS with the ability for anybody to pick up anybody else's code and quickly refactor it.

– Tim Mole, Business Intelligence Manager, Xero


Learn how Bucknell University used WhereScape automation to build a new cloud-based data warehouse running on the AWS Relational Database Service.

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