Developing and operating a data warehouse or simply generating reports, dashboards and spreadsheets can become a challenge for a smaller organization with a staff of 1 or 2 (or part-time) or for larger organizations that do not have full IT support. For the non-technical audience or partially-technical audience, WhereScape has recently introduced a new tool called WhereScape STAR to help them develop and operate a data warehouse. This powerful tool enables them to write DDL, create tables, index schemes, and write SQL code to fully implement a 3NF or star schema data warehouse. With WhereScape STAR users can focus on getting business value out of business data, rather than worrying about the technical details.

WhereScape STAR is like a knowledgeable coworker who can handle all of the tedious data warehouse tasks such as writing DDL, creating tables, index schemes, and writing SQL code to fully implement a 3NF or star schema data warehouse, enabling organizations to concentrate on activities that drive business values out of business data. It also has built-in best practices on how to implement star schemas and other data warehouse objects. STAR automates both technical and DataOps knowledge! You can concentrate on WHAT you want to do, and STAR will figure out the HOW of implementing your design.

In this blog, we will walk you through the reasons why organizations should use WhereScape STAR and the benefits that the users will get from this tool. We will also tell you how to install and use this tool and the pricing of WhereScape STAR. Do read through the end of the blog to get all the information.

Why Would Businesses Use WhereScape STAR?

In order to create a data warehouse or even a simple data platform suitable for data analytics, the data team requires a lot of tools, steps, and knowledge. WhereScape STAR can automate the difficult and sometimes repetitive tasks of creating and operating a small data warehouse. Unlike code generators, WhereScape STAR implements the objects and runs the data warehouse jobs. You won’t need to hand off code to a DBA and hope it was implemented correctly.

Benefits Of WhereScape STAR For Smaller Organizations

WhereScape STAR makes installation, set-up, and configuration as simple and self-service as possible. Here are some of the benefits of the STAR:

  • Connect directly to sources such as databases, Excel files, CSV files, and more.
  • Create load and stage tables, and structures (3NF, Kimball, hybrid) that can be used by Power BI or read directly into Excel.
  • Rapidly prototype and get results immediately.
  • Simple in setup and configuration.
  • It’s very affordable!

How To Install And Use WhereScape STAR?

Self-paced training is available, as well as the monthly user calls to answer questions. We have also set up a YouTube playlist of short (two to four-minute) video tutorials that show basic setup, configuration, and how to create facts and dimensions, generate documentation, and run your data warehouse.

To get started with WhereScape STAR to empower your small team to build a data warehouse faster, schedule a demo with us or request a free trial today.