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Abano Healthcare Group

Abano chose WhereScape, to help them integrate and analyze the data from each practice using WhereScape RED and 3D for collecting, collating and analyzing data on a daily basis for improved decision making.

The Challenge

Abano Healthcare Group buys existing practices and assimilates them into Lumino brand of dentist practices in New Zealand, along with their systems and processes. This means integrating everything – data, systems, databases – which can be difficult, as no two practices operate in exactly the same way.

The Solution

WhereScape RED and 3D software is used to deliver enhanced analytics - automating the development and maintenance of a Business Intelligence solution. The WhereScape software enabled an iterative approach to the design and delivery of analytics that were refined, iteration after iteration, as all involved better understood the requirements.

The Benefit

With around a million patient records across the business, an efficient system is essential. With WhereScape, the Abano team is able to access these records in close to real time, which means less time is wasted and business decision-making is improved. The result is that the team can access data in a variety of ways to analyze how the business is working and make informed decisions.

Abano Healthcare Group is a NZ-based company that owns healthcare and dental providers in NZ, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. In NZ, they own 80 dental practices under the Lumino brand. The company buys existing practices and assimilates them into Lumino.

When we buy a practice we inherit their IT, their data, their databases and everything else. No two practices are exactly the same, so our big issue was trying to integrate all that data into a single system.

Peter Radich CIO, Abano Healthcare

Peter Radich - Abano Healthcare Group