Admiral Group

The Admiral Group insures over 5 million customers, has 14 brands and employs more than 9,000 people across seven countries. The company recently have progressed their data modeling methodologies from manual coding to a repeatable, automated framework in just a few months of working with WhereScape.

The challenge

Admiral’s digital ambitions, combined with the increasingly disparate and complex nature of its data ecosystem, had outgrown waterfall methodologies. While the C-level needed fast, accurate data to inform and shape strategy, a reliance on hand coding meant requests took an unacceptable time to complete.

The solution

This clear gap in technical capability led the Admiral team to realize they could only achieve the agility they required with automation. They sought a tool to aggregate their data infrastructure into an efficient data warehouse, then enable them to model that data quickly to fuel custom BI reports.

The results

Admiral is fully self-sufficient on WhereScape shortly after a successful five-week pilot scheme. The service IT can offer the business has been transformed – Admiral can deliver new projects at the speed demanded by today’s digital marketplace. This means the IT team can now enable agility and reduce time to value, moving from short consultations with business users to rapid prototyping and into production in just a few weeks using Collaborative BEAM (Business Event Analysis and Modeling) meetings.


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Admiral Group

WhereScape is very rapid to develop, very easy to learn. Even junior members and graduates with little experience can learn how to use it.

– James Gardiner, Data Warehouse Technical Lead, Admiral Group