Atea is a Nordic IT infrastructure company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company sells, installs and supports products from Citrix, VMware, Apple, Cisco, HP, Microsoft and IBM amongst others. Atea employs around 7,400 people and operates in 87 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Atea had a lot of legacy systems in place and were heavily dependent on individuals. The data warehouse was homemade with SQL server and stored procedures, and there were no pureplay data warehouse applications.


The company saw WhereScape as the platform from which their data infrastructure could run in a properly structured manner. Atea liked how the tool manages the data from the source all the way to the endpoint of accurate BI.


Now staff don’t have to check emails every morning when they go on holiday, as they are confident that WhereScape has everything under control. They used to spend all day looking at SQL code, and now they hardly have to go into the database. Developers can spend more time modelling and listening to business demands rather than being stuck with endless hand-coding tasks.


Now I can actually go on vacation and I don’t have to read my emails. I don’t have to get up at six in the morning, because WhereScape does it for me.

– Torgil Hellman, Chief Architect, Atea