Auckland Council

Auckland Council is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest local government, with a staff of over 8,000 people, a $3 billion annual budget and an incredibly diverse range of services.

The challenge

Formed in 2010, Auckland Council joined eight separate councils together and inherited eight sets of systems, data and processes. Slow, inaccurate and manual reporting methods delivered data that was often months old.  To speed up the availability and accuracy of decision-making data, Auckland Council turned to WhereScape.

The solution

WhereScape developed a data warehouse and reporting platform using WhereScape® RED automation software as the foundation. The system integrates data from across the organization and transforms it into actionable information and insights.

The results

Integrated data has led to faster, more impactful decision making. Dashboards customized for different council departments give staff access to clear, concise and relevant information, as they need it.


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Auckland Council

Our old tools didn’t give us the speed, action or quality we needed. Analysis and modeling in lots of different areas was difficult; but, with WhereScape® RED, it’s easy to see our information as a cohesive whole.

– Mike Brothers, Auckland Council