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Bucknell University

A highly ranked liberal arts school located in Pennsylvania, Bucknell University was replacing its core administrative systems with best-of-breed, cloud-based solutions. The university knew it wanted a new data warehouse equally as agile and scalable as its new administrative systems, one that could easily incorporate new data sources and types.

The Solution

The university created a new data warehouse in the cloud using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). It chose WhereScape RED to automate and speed up development of the cloud data warehouse as well as ongoing changes and enhancements.

The Results

  • 50% less time required to build, validate and deliver new subject areas in the data warehouse
  • Faster development of data models
  • Allows development team to focus on business requirements instead of low-level details

With WhereScape RED, we were able to build, validate and begin using the student module subject area within the new data warehouse twice as fast as it would have taken us using traditional ETL approaches.

Ken Flerlage Business Intelligence Functional Architect Bucknell University 

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Bucknell shares how cloud data warehouse automation from WhereScape helps.

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