Kaiser Permanente

In 2016, Kaiser Permanente acquired Group Health, a member-governed, non-profit health care system coordinating care for more than 600,000 residents of Washington and North Idaho. The Seattle, Washington-based IT organization used WhereScape® RED to build and deploy a fully documented enrollment and membership subject area for its Teradata data warehouse, supporting the healthcare provider’s reporting, governance and compliance efforts.

The challenge

The organization’s initial Teradata enterprise data warehouse development utilized a legacy ETL tool that involved complex and tedious development work, and resulted in unsatisfactory delivery timelines. Post the data warehouse’s implementation, the healthcare provider continued to struggle to keep up with IT requests from its business customers in a timely way.

The solution

The organization replaced its ETL tool and approach with WhereScape® automation for Teradata. Utilizing the automation software built to fast-track Teradata data infrastructure projects, the team developed a fully documented subject area for its new data warehouse with complete data lineage, governance and Teradata best practices.  Kaiser Permanente now uses WhereScape automation software to maintain and benefit from a Data Vault data model.

The results

Kaiser Permanente is delivering analytic and reporting capabilities to its business users within much faster timelines than possible using a traditional ETL approach to development. Using WhereScape automation for Teradata, the organization builds native Teradata objects without a need for hand-coding and manages the entire data warehouse lifecycle in one central environment. Kaiser no longer needs to rely on the use of multiple tools to handle modeling and deployment, no longer manually processes data, and auto-generates and delivers full documentation at delivery for both IT and business users.


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Kaiser Permanente

The new data warehouse is delivering more analytic and reporting capabilities, and supports our governance and compliance efforts.

– Rhonda Ogilvie, Enterprise Data Warehouse Director, Kaiser Permanente