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New Zealand Lotteries

With nationwide customers and a product that could be considered a personal luxury, targeted marketing is key to success at New Zealand Lotteries (Lotto NZ). To achieve this, they need accurate and timely data. Using WhereScape RED, Lotto NZ quickly delivered accurate and timely customer data enabling informed business decisions.

The Challenge

Marketing and customer engagement is essential to Lotto NZ’s business. They knew that their sales data could help target their audience and communicate more effectively. But their existing data collection and reporting systems were outdated and inefficient.

The Solution

Using WhereScape RED data warehouse automation software and working alongside key business users, the WhereScape team planned and implemented a new data warehouse solution for data collection and reporting.

In a 12-week period comprehensive Sales Analysis was delivered, providing the Lotto NZ management team with access to specialized and detailed customer information.

The Benefit

The Lotto NZ team is now able to integrate and access sales data from all over the country, with incredible detail and accuracy.

Lotto NZ has been in business since 1986 and turns over a billion dollars annually selling lottery tickets and other products. They have a huge number of sales desks and kiosks in shops and malls around New Zealand, forming the largest network of retail locations in the country.

WhereScape came in, asked the right questions, and helped us understand our customers.

Brett Cross GM Technology, Lotto NZ

Wayne Pickup, Lotto NZ