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The Body Shop

WhereScape has helped The Body Shop move from disparate, disconnected data management to a fully integrated and accurate system based on a WhereScape RED Data Warehouse Automation solution.

The Challenge

Each department and business area within The Body Shop needed access to relevant and timely information and needed help collaborating with other departments. Previously, the business had used a Data Warehouse, but it was difficult to use and maintain.

The Solution

The Body Shop and WhereScape designed and built a completely new data management solution. Using WhereScape, the team were able to deliver a fully functional new system in just three months, smashing the previous development estimate of 12 months.  

The Benefits

Since implementing WhereScape RED, the productivity of the Business Intelligence team has greatly improved. The Body Shop now has better visibility and access to data and reports, providing greater business information than ever before. The programme has also been very cost effective, as the team were able to deliver a fully functional new system in just three months.

The Body Shop sells natural, ethical beauty products at more than 2,500 retail locations all over the world. Their Indonesian franchise, successfully running since 1992, now includes around 130 stores and a country-specific sales website.

WhereScape RED is a complete lifecycle management framework that encourages best practice, and their data automation functionality enabled us to deliver a one year project in only three months.

Sutan Pati, Manager, Knowledge Management The Body Shop