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West Virginia Network

West Virginia Network (WVNET) used WhereScape RED to roll out a customized data warehouse solution to 21 state colleges and universities.

The Challenge

WVNET inherited a data warehouse project: a basic model, ETL, and reports for the student management system and financial system. WVNET decided it would be easier to rebuild rather than extend the existing solution architecture.

The Solution

In just 90 days, with only two team members, WVNET reviewed and reverse-engineered, debugged, and rebuilt its data warehouse and 50 reports from scratch using WhereScape RED. WVNET used WhereScape to import data from student and financial source systems, apply processing rules to the data, and publish the results to WVNET’s Oracle data marts.

The Benefit

WhereScape has drastically accelerated and amplified output. A week of development in the prior environment can now be done in 30 minutes using WhereScape RED.

West Virginia Network (WVNET) is a dynamic service organization providing IT services to the colleges and universities within West Virginia. WVNET was created in 1975 to provide central computing facilities and wide-area network communications linking its "central site" computing resources in Morgantown with the campus computing systems at most of the colleges and universities throughout the state.