The challenge

West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET) is a dynamic service organization providing telecommunications and computing services within West Virginia. Currently focused on state colleges and universities, WVNET is transitioning to expand its impact by offering services to state government, K-12, public libraries and county government. After inheriting a data warehouse built by third-party consultants, WVNET realized it would be difficult and time-consuming to extend the existing data infrastructure to meet its members evolving needs.


The solution

WVNET chose WhereScape® RED to automate the rebuilding of the data warehouse, import data from student and financial source systems, apply processing rules to the data and publish the results to Oracle data marts. Within 90 days and with a team of only two people, WVNET rolled out a data warehouse, 21 data marts, and 50 critical reports to its in-network state colleges and universities.


The results

  • Reverse-engineered, debugged and rebuilt a data warehouse, previously built by outside consultants, in just three months
  • Cut development time by 99%, with WhereScape RED enabling completion in 30 minutes of what previously took one week to develop
  • Enables a team of two to rapidly put data marts in front of users in a collaborative, iterative approach


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Immediately upon seeing WhereScape RED in action, we recognized the software contained the capabilities necessary for us to quickly rebuild our data warehouse without the cost and complexity of using an army of people.

– Dana Keith, Manager of Applications and Data Warehousing, West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing (WVNET)