In-Person Conference


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

WhereScape is excited to be a sponsor of the 2023 Microsoft BI Workshop!

WhereScape is thrilled to support the 2023 Microsoft BI Workshop as an official sponsor!

As a foremost provider in data integration and analytics software, our core mission is to empower our clients to harness the power of their data for more informed decisions. We view the Microsoft BI Workshop as an invaluable platform for professionals to get updated on cutting-edge advancements in Business Intelligence and to connect with fellow industry experts.

During the workshop, we’ll be unveiling our most recent innovations in data integration and analytics. Additionally, we have arranged several interactive sessions to allow participants to get hands-on experience with our tools.

Join us at the 2023 Microsoft BI Workshop!

WhereScape is the world-leading vendor in Data Automation. WhereScape can drastically reduce the time, cost, and risk of your data project by reducing coding by 95% and increasing developer productivity by 8x. Come see us to learn how to achieve these results!

If you’ve marked your calendar for the conference and wish to interact with the WhereScape team, please fill out the form. We’ll ensure we set up a time for you to connect with us at our stall.

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