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Transform Your Data Strategy with WhereScape and Snowflake

Wednesday, January 10, 2024|8.00 am PT | 10.00 am CT | 11.00 am ET | 17.00 CET

If you want to benefit from the rise of the Data Cloud, WhereScape Data Automation will ensure your Snowflake project is a success. This 30-minute demo will show you how quickly a data warehouse can be configured on WhereScape RED and the Snowflake Enablement Pack.

In this exclusive webinar you’ll learn:

  • How quickly a data warehouse can be configured on WhereScape RED with the Snowflake Enablement Pack
  • How this synergy saves time, reduces costs, and enhances business agility.
  • How WhereScape Data Automation can ensure your Snowflake project is a success.

Customer Testimonial:
Aptus Health’s transformation with WhereScape and Snowflake has been remarkable. They went from struggling with data silos to creating their first data vault in just 3 days and launching it in 3 months. Now, they have a centralized, fully-documented data warehouse that responds rapidly to business queries. “Getting the opportunity to abandon an existing data warehouse and start over meant that we needed to show very rapid progress. Automation was the only way to accelerate the delivery of business value with the same size team.”

–Alethea Granberg, Senior Director of Product Development, Aptus Health

The Snowflake Enablement Pack is a configuration of target- and source-specific functionality. It includes the necessary code generation templates, data source mapping sets, function sets and scripts that enable you to use WhereScape with Snowflake out of the box.

Experience firsthand the power of WhereScape’s award-winning software in accelerating cloud migration, simplifying data warehouse creation, and ensuring future-readiness with a metadata-driven approach.

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Patrick O'Halloran

Solutions Architect - U.S.

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