Accelerated Reporting and Business Intelligence Delivery

Today’s fast moving business landscape has led to a huge increase in the volume and complexity of data.

The ability to access and rapidly analyse data to support the business decisions of today, and every subsequent day, depends upon a data infrastructure that is agile enough to keep pace with data growth and complexity.

Successful organizations are those that can rapidly access and analyse their data to meet the ever changing needs of their business. This provides analytical efficiencies, a reduction in costs and an increase in revenue.

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Read on and discover how data automation ensures data-driven success.

WhereScape software is used in every kind of business intelligence project, empowering business users to get the data they need, in the form they need it, when they need it, and by helping IT teams automate the building and deploying of data warehouses and related data driven projects.

What is it?

While challenges and needs can be vastly different between industries, data is the universal answer. WhereScape automation speeds up the time to value across a diverse range of sectors around the world. The three main products in our portfolio are:

  • WhereScape 3D – models, designs and prototypes data architectures with automation to fast-track delivery while reducing cost and risk. 
  • WhereScape RED – builds, documents and manages data architectures via a drag-and-drop GUI. It commits changes to the underlying database by automatically generating thousands of lines of SQL code in seconds.
  • WhereScape Data Vault Express – makes Data Vault 2.0 implementations quicker and safer whilst shortening the learning curve for data teams. 

Who benefits?

WhereScape Data Automation enables developers to produce data architectures in a fraction of the time it would take with hand coding, without human error. It enables individual staff members to be more productive and innovative by eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

  • Organizations that are struggling to get a global view of their data
  • End users who are waiting days, weeks, or even months, for data sets to be adapted for new reporting requirements
  • IT teams unable to contribute to strategic goals because they are lost in “data detail” 

“Business Intelligence is a living thing. You always get new figures, new dimensions and the world is changing and you have to be as quick as the business is, and this is only possible if you have a high level of automation, and this is achievable by WhereScape.”

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