Building a Data Warehouse with a Small Team?

WhereScape Data Automation enables one developer to do the work of many

WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation enables small data teams to build and manage complex data infrastructure. It allows your developers to be many times more productive by using automated workflows, a code generator and best practice templates.

It is time for automation:

  • Get from requirements into production in a matter of days
  • Generate thousands of lines of native code in seconds rather than writing every line by hand
  • Automatically document the entire process at the click of a button
  • Fix bugs in a couple of hours
  • Track the code through the whole process via an abstracted GUI

With traditional waterfall methodologies, a new data solution took months to build, with various specialized teams handing over code to the next. WhereScape allows a small team to complete all the stages from design to production, management, and bug fixing within the same tool. Now solutions can be built in weeks and days rather than months and years, using large teams.

These gains in speed are life-changing for smaller data teams who have been working under the traditional methodology, and this actually changes working lives, not just project completion dates.

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“As software developers, we are often so busy delivering value for the business that we overlook ways to deliver value to ourselves. Through automation, we’ve increased our productivity tremendously, and WhereScape has been a great partner for us.”

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WhereScape Named 2019-2020 Best Cloud Automation Finalist

HOUSTON – Dec. 23, 2019 – WhereScape, the leading provider in data infrastructure automation software, today announced that WhereScape has been named a finalist in the international Cloud Computing Awards program, The Cloud Awards. WhereScape received the recognition within the “Best Cloud Automation Solution” category for its WhereScape® automation for Snowflake offering.