Automate your way to faster cloud migration

WhereScape significantly reduces the time and resources needed for cloud migration projects.

WhereScape has project-ready enablement packs for your chosen cloud providers, containing all the templates and configurations you need to migrate quickly, whether to Snowflake, AWS or GCP. 

Data Automation decreased project length and stress levels while increasing productivity. There is less human error, while full documentation can be generated with one click.

The tool generates the majority of the code needed for migration, reduced technical complexity, and ensures your cloud infrastructure does what it should, first time. ​

WhereScape is database agnostic, meaning you can switch architectures again further down the line if your business needs change, or new technology emerges. Automated cloud infrastructure is future-proof, meaning your choice of database is no longer a ten-year decision.

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WhereScape automates repetitive manual Data Warehouse processes. This established approach is applied to key phases of Data Vault development such as ELT from disparate sources to the database, and the design and creation of Data Vault structures. On average our customers are able to automate around 98% of these tasks enabling developers to focus their efforts on value rather than build.


By automating the repetitive and time-intensive design and development of data infrastructure and big data projects, WhereScape automation enables teams to get more done quickly and rely on its results. Technical and business-level documentation is created automatically, to provide full auditability for future reference.


WhereScape automation enables IT to collaborate more effectively with business users early on in a project to deliver impactful solutions faster. The platform supports iterative design and development to easily resolve differences between business needs and technical capability with rapid prototyping to quickly incorporate collaborative feedback.

“It took the architects a day and a half to solve all four use cases. They built two Data Vaults on the host application data, linked the two applications together and documented the whole process. This was impressive by any standard. After that it was an easy process to get all the documents signed.”

– Daniel Seymore, Head of BI, Investec South Africa