Looking to Migrate to the Cloud Faster?

WhereScape significantly reduces the time and resources needed to complete cloud migration projects.

WhereScape has project-ready enablement packs for your chosen cloud providers, containing all the templates and configurations you need to migrate quickly, whether to Snowflake, AWS or GCP.

Trying to migrate to the cloud using traditional hand coding methods increases project length and stress levels while decreasing productivity. Then there is the danger of human error and a lack of uniform documentation.

These inhibitors to a successful project can be significantly lowered by a Data Automation tool to generate the majority of the code needed for the migration, reduce the technical complexities of the project, and ensure the infrastructure does what is expected first time.

Pairing an automation tool with the scalability and lower costs of the Cloud means that data warehouses and data warehouse teams can be agile and run more efficiently. They can do more with less and represent better value to the business.

WhereScape is database agnostic, meaning you can switch architectures again further down the line if your business needs change, or new technology emerges. Automated cloud infrastructure is future-proof, meaning your choice of database is no longer a ten-year decision.

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