The Guaranteed Route to Snowflake Success.

Reap the benefits of Snowflake faster with the leading automated approach to Data Cloud design, development, deployment, and operation.

WhereScape is the pioneer of Data Warehouse Automation. For over 20 years, it has been honing the platform, applying hundreds of thousands of hours of learning and knowledge to deliver the de facto standard in Data Automation.

Our award-winning software was the first technology able to “step-up” and support the population of Snowflake thanks to its ability to rapidly create the necessary code generation templates, data source mapping sets, function sets, and scripts.

Today, WhereScape Enablement Pack for Snowflake includes source connectivity, modeling standards, broader tool integrations, and source-specific functionality that enables you to use WhereScape with Snowflake out of the box. It works whether you are using Snowflake on Azure, AWS, or GCP and is fully Snowflake-certified.

WhereScape’s Data Automation platform is a perfect fit for organizations where:

  • The completion of your Snowflake implementation is critical to your business
  • Migration complexity, cost, or time factors are prevalent
  • Data Vault is being considered or has been selected

It is the fastest, easiest way to deliver data infrastructure to the data cloud and ensure Snowflake success.

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Based on native Snowflake functions, wizards and best practices WhereScape speeds up your ability to use Snowflake for new and ongoing cloud data infrastructure projects. With built-in best practices for common database methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional, and Data Vault 2.0 and supports continuous integration and delivery to easily incorporate changes as business demands evolve.


By automating the repetitive and time-intensive design and development of data infrastructure and big data projects, WhereScape automation enables teams to get more done quickly and rely on its results. WhereScape generates SQL code for Snowflake automatically and ensures coding consistency whilst minimizing implementation risk. Technical and business-level documentation is created automatically, to provide full auditability for future reference.


With WhereScape automation for Snowflake, IT teams collaborate more effectively with business users early on in a project to deliver impactful solutions faster. The platform supports iterative design and development to easily resolve differences between business need and technical capability with rapid prototyping to quickly incorporate collaborative feedback.