Businesses now live and die by data. From managing resources and analyzing performance to hyper-targeted marketing and behavioral analytics, data has become essential to the way companies operate. The demand for data has never been higher -- and it’s only increasing.

This pressure passes directly onto the people who help meet this demand. Data warehouse (DW) and analytics professionals are having to develop new data sets and produce insights at a record pace, all whilst keeping costs down. It’s clear DW acceleration is critical and this is acknowledged across the industry: according to WhereScape and TDWI’s research published this year, 63 percent of data warehouse professionals consider DW acceleration extremely important.

In order to achieve this, DW teams are turning to agile methodologies such as SCRUM and rapid prototyping. These are going some way in helping DW teams meet increased data demand but there are still some myths and misconceptions when it comes to acceleration.

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