Barton will detail how WhereScape automation solutions enable agile Data Vault 2.0 project delivery through accelerated development, documentation and deployment

Portland, OR – April 6, 2017 – WhereScape CTO Neil Barton will be a featured speaker at Worldwide Data Vault Consortium 2017 (WWDVC 2017), hosted by Data Vault Founder and Inventor Dan Linstedt, which kicks off May 15 in Stowe, Vermont.  WhereScape has a strategic partnership with Linstedt  and is a Platinum Sponsor of WWDVC 2017.

In the talk, WhereScape Automation for Data Vault 2.0, Barton, along with WhereScape’s Paul Watson-Gover, a Certified Data Vault Data Modeler, will detail how WhereScape automation solutions enable agile Data Vault 2.0 project delivery through accelerated development, documentation and deployment without sacrificing quality or flexibility.

Barton and Watson-Gover will discuss how WhereScape automation software uses powerful Data Vault code generation capabilities to automate the construction of ELT (extraction, transformation and load) processing, along with its DevOps capabilities to deploy, manage and operate Data Vault environments.  They will also share customer case studies of organizations that have successfully used WhereScape to expedite Data Vault 2.0 development.

“Businesses are looking to do things better, faster and cheaper, and you really can’t do that without a metadata-driven tool that can automate or generate your solutions in your data warehouse, BI or analytics environment,” Linstedt said.  “Data Vault development can be achieved quickly and with agility by incorporating WhereScape’s automation solutions.  You are not going to get 100 percent automation in the changing business rule space, but 99 percent of the data acquisition side—because it is so standardized—should be automated,” Linstedt said.

At WWDVC 2017, Micron Technology, a WhereScape customer, will be presenting a case study, “Big” Data Vault–Micron’s journey with massive volumes on Data Vault 2.0, which details Micron’s use of  WhereScape’s automation solutions to speed up Data Vault 2.0 development on high-volume, fast-moving data sets.

Micron Technology has adopted Data Vault 2.0 for its new Global Enterprise Data Warehouse, collecting data from many manufacturing sites across the globe into a common model. Micron will share how Data Vault has performed on high-volume, fast-moving sets of data on the Teradata platform using WhereScape tools for ELT automation.

In addition, WhereScape will also be hosting a Hands-On Lab on May 16 from 9am-12pm ET in which attendees will use WhereScape’s profiling and development solutions to automate and generate Data Vault 2.0 solutions.

“WhereScape provides metadata-driven, full life-cycle automation for discovering, designing, developing, deploying and managing Data Vault 2.0 environments,” Barton said.  “We fully automate the construction of load and stage processing, based on source to target metadata mappings while fully documenting the entire Data Vault development process.”

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