Gartner predicted in 2017 that there will be 20 billion connected things online by 2020. Since that prediction, we’ve seen the adoption of IoT technology meet and surpass the predictor’s expectations. The number of companies that will invest in IoT will continue to expand rapidly due to technological advancements producing sensors that are smaller, cheaper and more effective. By Simon Spring, Account Director EMEA, at WhereScape.

The challenge is no longer in the technology, but in the value organisations can extract from the data they collect. IT teams that are deploying new IoT solutions and need to deliver the value the companies desire from their investment, are struggling with several roadblocks in fulfilling this task.

Extracting value by making insights quickly and easily accessible to the business from data has always been difficult, often like finding a needle in a haystack. Adding more data, data sources, data types and streaming data to the mix can make it close to impossible to get the desired value with existing methods of data processing, storage and analytics. To make the most out of their investment in IoT, organisations need to get several important things aligned within their strategy.

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