AI News: Only earlier this year did Gartner really begin recognising data warehouse automation after publishing a paper on the subject. Is this indicative of a shift in how companies view automation?

Rob Mellor: At WhereScape, we feel the increased recent activity from Gartner around data warehouse automation is reflective of an industry shift. Organisations are beginning to realise that automation is really necessary if companies are to be truly data-driven.

By using a tool to automate repetitive and mundane tasks such as hand-coding, developers can be more productive and focus on adding features specific to their unique business requirements. This means their business can react faster to BI trends.

This is obvious to companies who have been data-driven for some time and are enjoying the results. However, we are now seeing Data Automation tools crossing the chasm into the mainstream, and so Gartner has moved to inform those who are considering tools like WhereScape for the first time and help those familiar with automation tools to choose the best one for their needs.

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