DataIQ: You have been a chief data officer on the client side at Rank and now at Lloyds Insurance. How have your roles differed?

Simon Asplen-Taylor: As the CDO at Rank, I had an internal-facing role, looking at the organization and using data to drive four key things: revenue growth, internal efficiency, reducing risk and customer satisfaction. At Lloyds, however, what I do is directed at the marketplace, so my role has evolved to be not only about my own organization but about 400 participants in the Lloyds marketplace.

For me, the most challenging aspect is people and their way of thinking. If you think about it, Lloyds has been around for 334 years. It has had the same systems and processes in place for some time, so now as we are embracing digital transformation, it can be hard for people to adjust and to shift mindsets from what they and the industry have always known. It can be a challenge, but seeing change and being able to change a marketplace is rewarding.

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