WhereScape introduces the WhereScape RED Big Data release, the first automation solution to add support for Hadoop (HDFS) and Hive data sources with native connectors.

ANAHEIM, CA.--WhereScape, the data warehouse automation pioneer with software solutions for profiling, building, extending and managing data warehouses, analytic systems and big data platforms, today introduced the WhereScape RED Big Data release, the first automation solution to add support for Hadoop (HDFS) and Hive data sources with native connectors. The new release of WhereScape RED enables organizations to automate the development of fully documented, metadata driven Hive and Hadoop solutions consisting of big data as well as enterprise data sources.

Using the new release of WhereScape RED, data can be ingested directly from source systems--internal or external--and persisted into the appropriate platform, including Hadoop (HDFS), Hive,  analytic appliances, data warehouses orany combination.  WhereScape RED is the “glue” of enterprise data warehouse and big data development,containing the metadata about the enterprise data ecosystem and both IT and end-user documentation.  The WhereScape RED Big Data release also easesongoing maintenance andenhancement activities by providing code generation and data lineage capabilities.

"The focus of data warehouse automation vendors has been on automating the data warehouse development lifecycle, which is a large, mature market ripe with opportunity,” said Wayne Eckerson, founder and principal consultant of the Eckerson Group, and author of the just published research report ‘Data Warehouse Automation Tools: Product Categories and Positioning.’ But many data warehousing managers are testing Hadoop, Hive and other big data platforms to build or augment their data warehouses and will also greatly benefit from big data automation capabilities such as those contained in the WhereScape RED Big Data release,” Eckerson said.

“WhereScape is pleased to be the first data warehouse automation vendor to introduce native connectors for automating Hadoop and Hive platform development,” said WhereScape President Mark Budzinski. “The same time, cost and risk problems that exist in enterprise data development exist in the big data world as well. WhereScape has extended its integrated development environment (IDE) to provide a unified ingestion and processing framework across the enterprise and big data ecosystems,” Budzinski said. “This enables organizations to provide data automation, metadata management, code generation and auditing capabilities for an organization across its diverse enterprise infrastructure, reducing time, cost and risk of planning, designing, implementation and ongoing maintenance.”

WhereScape is showcasing the big data release of WhereScape RED at Teradata 2015 Partners in booth #115, demonstrating the loading of Hadoop and Hive data into a Teradata data warehouse, as well as moving Teradata data into Hadoop and Hive.

WhereScape RED

WhereScape RED builds native objects optimized for the relational database, analytic appliance and big data environments it supports.  WhereScape RED enables practitioners to access source data from multiple environments, create procedural code, scripts, and tables, build cubes, schedule updates, and generate documentation in HTML format, all while maintaining existing BI front-end compatibility.  WhereScape RED requires fewer resources to profile, build and deploy a data warehouse, analytic platform or big data environment, creating a simplified infrastructure and dramatically reducing total cost of ownership.

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