Founded in 2008, Aptus Health connects health and life sciences companies with healthcare professionals, healthcare consumers, and other members of the healthcare ecosystem. The company creates data-driven, multichannel marketing campaigns aimed at physicians and healthcare consumers through the many digital channels the company owns and operates.

The Challenge

After a decade of dramatic growth, both organic and through acquisition, Aptus Health found itself saddled with data silos throughout the organization due to acquired data warehouses and reporting systems. Data integration into the 12-year-old legacy data warehouse was challenging and as a result the organization did not have centralized data availability or master data management. Additionally, very little data documentation was available and the IT organization struggled to answer business questions regarding any historical data or historical trends.

The Solution

Aptus Health chose to retire its legacy, on-premises data infrastructure and move to data warehousing in the cloud. The organization selected Snowflake, a data warehousing solution built for the cloud due to its self-optimization, innovative platform and use of AWS infrastructure, as well as Snowflake’s unique separation of storage vs. computing costs.

The company additionally adopted the Data Vault 2.0 data modeling method to be more adaptable and responsive to future business and technological change. WhereScape® automation for Snowflake was then selected to help the existing IT team fast-track the data infrastructure project, with WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ for Snowflake implemented to make the adoption of Data Vault 2.0 a practical endeavor.


  • Created the first data vault design within WhereScape Data Vault Express for Snowflake in 3 days
  • Through WhereScape automation, delivered the first production release of a data vault within Snowflake in 3 months, and subsequent data marts
  • Central availability of data, no more discrepancies
  • Can more quickly respond to business questions, i.e. historical trends
  • Has US and International data extensibility – logically integrated but physically separate
  • IT now delivers data in minutes, not days
  • A fully documented data warehouse


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Getting the opportunity to abandon an existing data warehouse and start over meant that we needed to show very rapid progress. Automation was the only way to accelerate the delivery of business value with the same size team.

– Alethea Granberg, Senior Director of Product Development, Aptus Health